7 Steps to Slow Down & Love Your Life

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Have you every suffered from the “When I…” syndrome? When I graduate high school then… or When I finally get married then I… or perhaps, When I get the perfect job then I…

I have found that one of the best ways to live a life that you love is to find ways to start loving each day of your current life. Here are some tips that I have found help me to be more present to my life and to love each day.

  1. Meditation – I have found that life gets so busy and I move at such a fast pace that taking time to create space and slow down my mind really helps me to be more calm and go about my day more peacefully. Meditation is a must for me. I have studied several different types of meditation and have studied with a personal meditation coach. By far, the best form of mediation I have found so far is the “Ascension” meditation as taught by the Ishayas.
  2. Study – As I take time to learn, I find that my capacity for learning and understanding increases. I also find that I am able to more quickly absorb information I am studying. I recommend taking time each day to study topics in your particular niche or industry. Also, take time to study things that interest you. You may know nothing about a topic that interests you. I find that knowing a little about a topic often comes in very handy.
  3. Practice Appreciation and Gratitude – Each day I take time to express appreciation and gratitude to God and to others around me. I truly am grateful for my life and everything in it. Take a few minutes to express this to people around you and to your Higher Power.
  4. Develop Friendships – Each week when I have a few spare minutes, I use the time to call someone I haven’t talked with in a while. I don’t call with any agenda or purpose in mind. I just call to “catch up.” I let the person I am calling know that I appreciate their friendship and try to just listen to what is going on in their lives. It has helped my to deepen my friendships. Another thing that I do is look for friendships everywhere I go. Everyone can use one more friend.
  5. Simplify – In my experience, the more “Stuff” I have, the more time, energy and money it takes to use or maintain it. I am not saying that having nice material possessions doesn’t enhance life. I am just saying as you are looking at your life, see if there are things you can do to simplify. For me, the less I have to worry about, the more I can enjoy my time and activities.
  6. Be Present to this Moment – This is one thing that I have learned about myself this past week. If I look at my past or spend time stressing about the future, life seems to get real hectic real quick. I have learned that as I stay present to the moment and focus only on what is going on right now, I don’t experience as much anxiety about the future or guilt, worry about the past.
  7. Service –  Serving others helps me to see life in a different light. It doesn’t always need to be huge acts of service. Often times, I find that I can serve others each day in many different ways. Consider holding the door for someone or offering to buy lunch for a random person. There are a ton of ways to serve others if you just look for them.

What do you do to live in the moment and love your life? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Quinn

    LOVED this post & all your ideas! I’d love to learn the Ascension meditation method since meditation is something I value, but struggle with.

    • admin

      The Ishaya will be back in January for another retreat. If you can, I would highly recommend it. The best meditation method I have ever used.

  • Russ

    I’ve been working on “simplify” lately. It has been a great stress reliever.

    • admin

      What kinds of things have you been simplifying?

  • Jen

    Great post, Ryan. Thanks for the reminders. One thing I have done over the past few days is to focus on looking people in the eyes when I am having a conversation. It helps me remember to stay present and really listen to what they are saying. Not giving a death stare down to anyone, but just taking a second to look at the person who is talking to me. It has made a big difference already.
    Thanks Ryan!

    • admin

      I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rab

    Some great tips here. I don’t agree with the god part but I won’t hold that against you 😛

  • Suzy

    I’m glad that I came across this blog. I’m almost 3 months pregnant and just had an Anxiety Attack this Morning. I was looking for motivational stress relief and your tips really helped me realize that I need to slow it down a notch. Simplifying was one of my favorites. I think I need to add this to my daily life. I think at times we get so caught up with technology that we don’t stop to just inhale some fresh air. Thank You!

    • admin

      Suzy, You are very welcome. I think that we all feel the fast paced stress of our world now and then. I know I feel it often. One of the best things that has seriously saved my life over the past several months has been learning the Ishaya Ascension meditation techniques. You can check them out at http://www.theishayafoundation.org.

      I have tried MANY methods of meditation and this, for me, has been the most effective. It helps me relieve stress, slow down, and really connect. They do charge, but it is worth it. (I’m not an affiliate).

      What other things have you tried that are working for you?

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